Established in 2014, Corbin Patten Designs (CPD) is a multi-disciplinary design firm focusing on building in the Muskoka / Georgian Bay area. We love designing primarily cottages and boathouses, as they are the perfect hybrid of relaxation and entertainment - ideal for building lifelong memories with families and friends. Having grown up on Lake Rosseau, founder Corbin Patten has a lifetime of experience and insight into the cottage and boathouse lifestyle.

Our goal is to design unique and functional buildings, improving both our clients' quality-of-life and the community at large.

Our Mission


We design our projects to be efficient in their use of daylight, space, materials, and energy.

that are true to materials,

We believe in embracing the materials of construction and understand their impact on a space. Wood, for example, has an inherent warmth and beauty that should be celebrated and not hidden.

to simplify lives

We do everything in our power to provide the best client experience we can offer, from the design process and beyond.

Check out our blog post to get a more in-depth understanding of these elements: Mission

Light involves electric and sun light or the lack thereof.

  1. Minimizing the use of electric light
  2. Dark sky lighting
  3. Carrying light though a building
  4. Shading

You and your property are at the heart of each project.

  1. Understanding important views and land features.
  2. Important aspects of your lifestyle.
  3. Tapping into the emotion of how a place makes you feel.

Creating a balance of holding the building up while understanding the expression of the structure.

  1. Type of structure
  2. Extenuation of structure




Our mission speaks to healthier homes and simplifying lives which involves

  1. Healthy clean home environment
  2. Being intentional with the building on the inside and outside.


Our Approach

Building on our mission, our design approach starts with a conversation; we want to get to know you. Design starts with the individual's lifestyle, needs, wants, and of course, a budget. As we start to understand you we undergo programming which is the understanding of the spaces required to meet the project goals. Simultaneously the site is analyzed for important views, natural features, slope, and privacy.

Bringing the project together we lean on our mission and our core principles of which is LESS; Light, Experience, Structure, and Sustainability.

Virtual Reality

3D Design

Corbin Patten Designs uses state of the art Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to not only create a 3-Dimensional model of your project but we look to virtually construct all structure, HVAC, and plumbing to help make the construction process run a lot smoother. Furthermore, we can work with your contractor to identify issues and plan solutions before a shovel has even put in the ground.


We are not using a a program called Lumion in conjuction with Autodesk Revit to help visualize homes in a game like environment allowing us to move around the project and experience the design before it is built. We are bring this ability to you through our interactive meetings, the use of Oculus VR Goggles, and street view like navigation such as the tool on the left.


When selecting a designer for your project, BIM and the use of Revit is a must. Gone are the days of 2D AutoCAD and sketchup. Make the investment in developing a thorough design and we will help you save time and money, and have a better project.

So why us?

A collaborative process is what truly brings great design. The collaborative process ensures the project becomes to reality with better design, less hiccups and less stress.

Lets talk numbers

We believe that undergoing a project is a very special time and while there is lots of options for the design and materials in the project, you should have the option to determine the level of involvement of your designer in the project. After we meet, our team will present 3 fee options allowing you to choose the level of service you receive.


We offer a range of design services including building design, interior design, site planning, rendering, and more. Check out our services page to learn more about the services we offer and the process of design.

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