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Who we are

Corbin Patten Designs is a Muskoka based design firm specializing in vacation homes. We believe that every project should be unique and functional to create an amazing experience for our clients and their families.

We work with our clients to create innovative designs that are site specific and sustainable in nature. Our goal is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and efficient to live in. We want our clients to love the eco-friendly homes we design for them, and we take pride in knowing that our buildings will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Our Approach

Every project starts with the site; we look at the topography, the views, vegetation, and the overall feel of the property to give us a direction for the project. We can use this information to properly orient the building and provide opportunities to enhance the experience for our clients.

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How to get started



This starts with you.

Gathering Ideas

Gather as much information as possible including inspiration and requirements for your project.

Use sites like Pinterest, Houzz, or Instagram.

Go nerdy and dive into some architectural sites.

Grab some magazine clippings

What ever your style is, with as little or as much information as you want.

Ask Questions

Unsure of where to start with a budget? Want to figure out how long a project will take? Ask away!



We can start a project in many ways but a popular solution is through a Needs and Options Review. This allows us to both build trust in each other and at the same time we get some basic information and learn more about you and your project.

Site Plan and Zoning Review

Identify constraints such as zoning and project goals to find opportunity and solutions for your project. We prepare a site plan to demonstrate the rules.

Needs and Options Review

Two part process; the first step is to identify constraints such as zoning and project goals to find opportunity and solutions for your project. This process includes a site plan and sketches or floor plans to understand the possibilities of a project.

Learn more visit our post about the process.

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Get Started

The process to embark a project and ultimately a lifestyle change is often a daunting one. Our goal is to simplify that process for you and make it a turnkey experience. We will handle everything, including design, technical drawings, zoning review, site planning, permit, structural coordination, and mechanical coordination.

Initial Conversation

We start the project with a conversation to learn more about you, your family, lifestyle goals, your property and more.


We provide a detailed questionnaire to learn more about your goals and lifestyle to understand what is driving the project.


A scope is established.

Site Visit

We believe all projects are site specific and we want to capture the beauty of nature in your building and seeing and experiencing the property is an important part of this process.

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