Our mission is to design
healthier homes,
which are true to materials,
to simplify lives.

Our homes are designed
to be highly efficient!

We specialize in cottages and boathouses in the Muskoka Area.

Every home starts with you!

Get in touch!

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How to get started



Gathering Ideas

Gather as much information as possible including inspiration and requirements for your project.

Ask Questions

Unsure of where to start with a budget? Want to figure out how long a project will take? Ask away!



Needs and Options Review

Once your project becomes more serious its time to get in touch with a design professional.

The first step is to identify constraints such as zoning and project goals to find opportunity and solutions for your project. You will receive a document.

Learn more visit our post about the process.

If you think you're ready to get started, click here.



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