3D Design

Corbin Patten Designs uses state of the art Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to not only create a 3-Dimensional model of your project but we look to virtually construct all structure, HVAC, and plumbing to help make the construction process run a lot smoother. Furthermore, we can work with your contractor to identify issues and plan solutions before a shovel has even put in the ground.


We are not using a a program called Lumion in conjunction with Autodesk Revit to help visualize homes in a game like environment allowing us to move around the project and experience the design before it is built. We bring this ability to you through our interactive meetings, the use of Oculus VR Goggles, and street view like navigation such as the tool on the left.


When selecting a designer for your project, BIM and the use of Revit is a must. Gone are the days of 2D AutoCAD and sketchup. Make the investment in developing a thorough design and we will help you save time and money, and have a better project.