Double-Slip Boathouse

Completed 2015
Lake Rosseau

Crossman Homes
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1408 McCuaig Boathouse

This Lake Rosseau boathouse was inspired by the clients love of Muskoka and his drive for natural light. The boathouse was designed to open up on the sides and the front to minimize the barriers from the inside of the boathouse to the lake. The boathouse also takes advantage of the cupola and the windows in the gable ends to further bring in more light. The property faces northeast and due to the large trees on the property it doesn't get much afternoon sun. To maximize the sun the boathouse takes advantage of the upper deck which gets sun from mid morning to late afternoon and the extended area on the front of the dock was also added to further create more opportunity for afternoon sun.The regulations of the Township did regulate the height, size, the one-slip enclosed, and one slip covered (boatport) features of the boathouse.

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